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My Billionaire Girlfriend Episode 4

Episode 4 The Principal's Office The principal sits on his chair while going through a file on his table. The principals' office is as neat as the sky, one can never come across any atom of dust not even the finest of them. His office has a large bookshelf where he keeps a collection of his books and that of other great authors. He was still glancing through the file on his table when the Dean-of-study showed up with Steve in the company of six other people. What is going on here? The principal asked in awe. Mr Davidson was shocked to receive such company as they would have been greeted by his guest from who came to deliver a special invitation letter to the school over an upcoming quiz competition. Mr James Wallington the school dean of study, is one of the longest-serving staff of Destiny college. He is one of the most respected staff in the school and he also has a good percentage of influence in the school. In the absence of the principal, Mr James serves as the acting prin

New Yam Festival And The Intersting Facts You May Not Know About The Igbo Iri Ji Festival

New Yam Festival, is a cultural event associated with the Igbo race of Africa. It is celebrated annually at the beginning of the yam harvest season. Igbo people all over the world celebrate this festival, and use it as a means of uniting with their brothers. New Yam Festival is translated in the Igbo language to mean Ji Ohuru. Depending on the dialect, some people call it Iwa hi, Otute, Irureshi in Idoma, Iri Ji and Ike Ji, etc. The New Yam Festival is usually celebrated in August across Igbo Communities, although some people celebrate theirs in July, however, it is still the same and portrays the same message which is Unity, love beginning of the yam harvest season, and the diverse Igbo cultures. In some communities, the New Yam Festival usually lasts up to a week, and for some, it is a two days event. For communities where the event lasts for a week, people especially prominent men, often hold a feast during the week. Everyone is invited to the feast. It can range from a few people g

BBNaija: Eric Took Advantage Of Me, Lilo Tells Ebuka- Video

Lilo a former bbnaija housemate has insisted that Eric took advantage of her in the big brother Naija house. While speaking to Ebuka after the Sunday eviction show, Lilo stated that Eric took advantage of her weakness to penetrate her. She stressed that she put her feelings first before what brought her to the big brother Naija's house. She also noted that her friendship with Eric, did not happen so fast, but her catching feelings were something that came too soon and she regrets it. I just wanted to be his friend, but he insisted that I am the one he wanted. Lilo said.  She stated that she always thinks when she is alone, but whenever Eric is around, the reverse is always the case.