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My Billionaire Girlfriend Episode 4

Episode 4

The Principal's Office

The principal sits on his chair while going through a file on his table. The principals' office is as neat as the sky, one can never come across any atom of dust not even the finest of them. His office has a large bookshelf where he keeps a collection of his books and that of other great authors. He was still glancing through the file on his table when the Dean-of-study showed up with Steve in the company of six other people.

What is going on here? The principal asked in awe. Mr Davidson was shocked to receive such company as they would have been greeted by his guest from who came to deliver a special invitation letter to the school over an upcoming quiz competition.

Mr James Wallington the school dean of study, is one of the longest-serving staff of Destiny college. He is one of the most respected staff in the school and he also has a good percentage of influence in the school. In the absence of the principal, Mr James serves as the acting principal, hence no student or staff wants to be in his "Bad Book of Record" (BBR).

What took you so long and why are you here with more than 2 students, what happened to your shirt Steve and why is your uniform so untidy this morning? Mr, Davidson who could not comprehend what was going on, queried Mr James and his entourages.

Steve started the...., "Keep your mouth shut before I shut it for you" Mr James scolded Richard angrily. I am sorry if I have disappointed you, but these children will never cease to make managing them hard for us. Well following your instructions I went inside the classroom to get the students you requested to see, but on getting to their class I met a Royal Rumble fight ongoing.

"Steve, is this the right way to start a term?" Mr Davidson questioned Steve angrily. Well, I will not let you kids spoil my mood this morning. I will have to deal with this case later so get back to your classrooms and comport yourselves. Am I understood?

"Yes sir" the students echoed and turned to leave the office. Just about one meter away from the entrance of the office, Cynthia shove Steve off against the wall. You two come back here. Cynthia's heart skipped. She taught she had been caught again. The group of six students turned back to know who the Dean was referring to. Cynthia and Steve, I am referring to both of you. They matched back to the office wondering why they have been called back.

Now listen to me, you both have to find a way to get along, (the duo gave themselves a disdainful look) There is an upcoming competition which I am counting on you guys to represent this school in. Just to be sure you start working on getting along soon, you both will have to sweep the whole assembly ground together for one week. Go back to your classroom, Mr James will come to the class to deal with others later. The principal concluded.

Steve and Cynthia walked back to the class without speaking to each other. The rest of the crew that was involved in the fight was later tasked to carry placards with notice don't talk to me, I am a hooligan for one week while making sure the restrooms are always neat. The school cleaner loves it when students gets themselves in trouble.

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Can Cynthia ever get along with Steve? At what cost will Steve get along with Cynthia? Find out the answers to these as well as Richard's next move.

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