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Withdrawal Method And Reasons You Should And Should Not Use It

 The withdrawal method is one of the oldest techniques of contraception used as early as the existence of man. The withdrawal method is otherwise known as the pull-out method or coitus interruptus is try trusted by many as a safe form of contraception, however, before embarking on the aged-long contraception method, one question beckons "how safe is the withdrawal method?".

Considering the fact that there are numerous contraception methods one could use, then I must strictly warn anyone thinking of a withdrawal method to have a rethink.

According to experts' research, the withdrawal method can have a 79% and up to 95.6℅ effectiveness ratio. However, it is still not a good recommendable method of contraception especially for young people and first-time partners.

During withdrawal methods, a lot of factors determine the outcome or how effective the method will be.

The withdrawal method could be up to 96% effective if the man withdraws his penis completely and ejaculates far away from the woman's body. Remember that out of the nearly hundred million sperm cells released during ejaculation, only one is required to make a baby. Hence the chances of getting pregnant should you or your partner pre-cum is higher. What's more, while a man may have some/total control of when he cums, he however has little or no control over pre-cum which may also contain a healthy sperm cell. As the man may not be able to control his pre-ejaculation, the woman will also feel little or nothing of the pre-ejaculation been released into her body. Hence both parties may end up thinking that the method is successfully carried out only to be surprised a few weeks later.

As the withdrawal method is available at all times, at no cost, and can be used by anyone, the following are the disadvantages of the withdrawal method.

  • Risk of an unplanned pregnancy.
  • High risk of Sexually transmitted disease/infections (STDs/STIs).
  • It poses psychological risks to both or either party.
  • Dissatisfaction for both or either of the partners.
Note: Abstinence is the only 100% sure way to avoid unplanned pregnancy and prevent all sexually transmitted diseases and infections.


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