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My Billionaire Girlfriend Episode 1




Oh my God, this girl can not be a human. Sam common I bet you have never seen anyone one as beautiful as this before.

Hey Steve what do you take me for? She isn't that beautiful my girlfriend is even more beautiful than...

A tall slim and fair girl walks past Steve and Sam as they were still arguing. Close your mouth before flies will take it as a habit. Loverboy. Sam I am going to woo this girl now.

 Steve! Steve! Steve! How many times did I call you? Is like you have forgotten how Cynthia humiliated you last Semester, can't you see that this girl is not your class, and she is probably not human.

Haha haha see who is talking, I thought you just said she is not as beautiful as your girlfriend, now you are saying that she is not human.

 Walking hastily towards the young and beautiful girl, Steve stumbled on a stone and fell to the muddy group.

Hahaha I told you not to go but you will not hear, now look at your dress it is all stained. You forgot you were.... will you shut up Sam before... Steve was yet to complete his statement when he fetches a touch on his shoulder. For some seconds he couldn't move before he finally turned to behold the most beautiful face he had ever seen. Steve immediately felt some electrifying currently, but cold as ice travel down his spines even to his veins and arteries.

"What happened, are you hurt?" Sam stood with his mouth wide opened as these words echoed in his ears. Let me help you up. For some seconds, Steve could not figure out if he should be ashamed or happy. He was ashamed due to his stained clothes, and shy at the same time, but deep down he felt like he could fly.

"I am ok okay" actually I picked your money and was rushing to meet up with you before I tripped and fell down. But I am ok. Steve stretches his hand to hand her a #500 note, she collected it, smiled and gave the money back to Steve as she smiles and told him to keep the money. She turns to leave then Steve called her back. " Do you live in this neighbourhood, and I didn't even know your name, may I know your name and what a pretty girl like you is doing in this neighbourhood.

Oh, my name is....(splash) Steve! Steve! Steve! who poured me water Steve tries to open his eyes and remembered the girl in her dream then he tries to go back to sleep, but he held his mom shouting his name will you come out and prepare these children for school, it is already 7:05 am. Steve jumps up and murmurs as he goes downstairs. Remembering that he will have to see Cynthia the girl who humiliated him in the previous semester changed his mood.

Steve was humiliated by Cynthia when he mistakenly hit Cynthia's butt after slipping down the stairs. What happens when school resumes fully, will Cynthia and her boyfriend carry out there plans against Steve? Stay tuned.

My Billionaire Girlfriend Episode 2 loading, stay tuned, follow my Facebook page to get the next chapter as soon as it drops.



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My Billionaire Girlfriend Episode 2

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