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Once a Soldier: Watch The Amazing moments Gov. Sanwo Olu showed his great football skills Against Barcelona Superstar

Sanwo Olu is proving to be the best innovative governor Lagos State has ever had. His enthusiasm for good governance in Lagos is second to none. In a new video, the Executive governor of Lagos State was seen showing his fantastic skills in football against Barcelona star. Lagos which is the center of excellence, has officially opened schools in the state. Although all classes are yet to resume, the governor I'd optimistic that soon the state will go back to normal.

Mothers Love: Watch this exceptional clip that proves that mothers love is only second to God's love

In many occasions, mothers are being celebrated, do they really deserve such celebrations? Well that you will find out in this article. The love mothers have for their children can be attributed to the fact that a child's life begins in the body of his/her mother, and even after birth, the bond between mother and child still seems to be inseparable. The video below shows the moment a lovely mom demonstrated her love for her daughter, unknown to her that she was being pranked. In the video, two twin sisters had planned to prank their mom with the news of being pregnant. The twins are just teenagers who are under 18-years-old.  When they approached their mom initially, she was not too interested in what they wanted to tell, as she taught that they wanted to disturb her for money. The two twins were quick to get her curious before they even told her about their suspicious that the younger sister was pregnant. Their mother broke into tears, before descending on them only to find

Video: Watch the moment an Igbo Speaking masqurade stopped his performance to woo a lady and collect her number

 A masqurade has been captured on camera doing the unbelievable. How on Earth did this girl make Egungun to fall for her to the extent of asking for her number. Well that's the question everyone is asking. A masquerade who could not let the chance of collecting the phone number of a beautiful girl, totally forgot that he was a masquerade as he went to woo a girl. Watch video below: Do not forget to drop your comments and follow me on Twitter for all the latest gossips Follow @Omeigboi